Membership Benefits

The World Buddha-To-Be Religion Society was registered in Canada on April 30, 2008 and is currently recruiting permanent members.

As a member, you will have your Spiritual Qi “channel” opened for you. Once you open up your “channel”, you will have the following benefits:


The Qingyang Meditation Method

The Qingyang Meditation Method has a complete and comprehensive set of high-level practice methods.

The Qingyang Meditation Method includes three main parts:

The Spiritual Qi meditation also has three steps:

In addition, there is the "Ten-form Dynamic Practice."

The practice method of the Qingyang Natural meditation

There is no specific requirement regarding the environment, time, and location to go about the practice of Natural meditation. There is also no limit on the length of time or frequency of your daily practice.

Regarding the posture, you can either choose sitting, lying down, standing, or semi-reclining. The point is to go for a posture with which you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

After deciding on a posture, keep the posture of your choice until the end of the practice session.

After choosing a posture, keep your eyes and lips slightly closed, moisten your lips with saliva, and let the tip of the tongue touch the palate. Keep a calm and peaceful mood, smile gently, and relax your whole body. When the whole body is relaxed, start chanting “worship and connect to the Qingyang External Body” and keep chanting until the end of the meditation session. Instead, you can also play the “Worship and Connect to the Qingyang External Body” CD. If your channel has been opened up, the Dharma Bodies of the “Qingyang Dharma Body Team” will reach out to the practitioner at superluminal speed to empower the practitioner with the Spiritual Qi.

When practitioners are about to finish the practice session, they only need to silently chant “I’m–– coming–– out–– of–– meditation––” three times. Then, they can slowly open their eyes, walk around, and talk.

How to sense the Spiritual Qi and how to tell whether the channel has been opened up?

Upon entering into quietude, with the effect of Spiritual Qi and according to the "types of sensation of meridians toward Qi,"  the practitioners will have the "during-meditation effects" of  soreness, numbness, swollenness, aches, coldness, hotness, bigness, smallness, sinking, floating, itchiness, moving, sound, and/or image.

The "types of sensation of meridians toward Qi"

"Three key elements" for practicing the Qingyang meditation method: