About World Buddha-To-Be Religion Society

World Buddha-To-Be Religion Society is a religion founded in Canada 2008 by it's followers .

The purpose of World Buddha-To-Be Religion Society : Inheritance, defense, correction, and sublimation.

  1. Inheritance:
    To continue the legacy of Correct-Dharma of traditional Buddhism, promote the Correct-Dharma of Buddhism, and benefit the general public;

  2. Defense:
    Protect the Correct-Dharma of traditional Buddhism and defend it against speech that sabotages the Correct-Dharma;

  3. Correction:
    Correct the classical scriptures of Buddhism and rectify the scriptures that deviate from the Correct-Dharma of Buddhism; and

  4. Sublimation:
    Disclose the essence of traditional Buddhism and combine it with the present and future “Cognition-and-Views”, so as to raise the essence of traditional Buddhism to a brand new stage. The combination of the past, present and future “Cognition-and-Views” shall form a new Correct-Dharma: the Correct-Dharma of the Buddha-To-Be Religion, which shall be spread around the human world to benefit the general public.


About Dharmafather Sakyaqingyang

Dharmafather is the abbreviated version of Dharmakayafather. Sakyaqingyang has been commissioned by Sakyamuni Buddha to assume the responsibility of organizing, compiling, and writing the scriptures of the Buddha-to-Be Religion; the entire contents provided by the author are all true and have been approved by Buddha. As Buddha's representative in this world, Sakyaqingyang expects his books will help everyone establish the correct view of life, create the genuine life value, and hence achieve his or her eternal Dharma Body.