Benefits for spreading ideas

Buddha-To-Be Religion is a newly emerging religion and brings many new ideas to the people of the world. These new ideas (Correct-Dharma of Buddha-To-Be Religion) need someone to pass them around. Advocating new ideas is inherently difficult.

In order to encourage the spread of the new ideas, the author has especially filed application with the Deva of High Dharma-body Institute to grant some special privileges to anyone who adopts and promotes the New Dharma. The application has been approved.

Any one who thoroughly studies and circulates this book and promotes the ideas of this book shall be recorded by the Ministry of Karma-Force Registration as Good-Karma for promoting Buddha-To-Be Religion and shall receive four virtues of Ci Bei, Almsgiving, People-helping, and Kind Guidance among the Eight Virtues. At the same time, such a person shall be entitled to ten types of benefits (ten types of Blessed Retributions) as follows:

  1. Spiritual Qi supplement

  2. Increased in “attainments” of cultivation

  3. Blessing and protection from Religion Guardians

  4. Soul level promotion

  5.  Dignified appearances in future lives

  6. Extra points for Stage-of-attainment appraisal

  7.  Increased Blessed-virtue

  8. Extended limit of Wisdom-life

  9. Increased wisdom

  10. Accelerated Buddhahood attainment