Introduction to the "Worship and Connect to the Qingyang External Body" music CD

To produce this album,we invite many professional singers and the Western bowed stringed instruments band. Also included are many kinds of Oriental musical instruments including Chinese bell chimes. The presentation of the this album is full of reverence,harmony,purity,and solemnity.

Composer,Conductor,Producer:Jason Tsai:A professional composer,performer,and album producer. Born in Yilan County,Taiwan,his father is the Honorary head of Xinxing Hall for the Langyang Beiguan music. He learned music from his father since childhood. After graduating from National Academy of Arts,he obtained the Master’s Degree in Arts from FoGuang University. He,together with An Lee,the internationally famous movie director,Zong-qing Zhu,and Chieh-yong Shi,were conferred the honor of Distinguished Alumni of the 22nd class of National Academy of Arts. His work has been conferred the First Award of Composition of National Literary and Arts Awards and the Composition Award of Golden Tripod Awards. He also gained awards in Golden Melody Awards in 2009 and 2010,not to mention other prizes and awards. Tsai is frequently hired to compose music by Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education. His music work is performed when he goes on concert tours in several countries. Tsai was also invited by the Lincoln Cultural Center,New York to compose poem music for the summer outdoor Music Festival. He was also invited to the Longdong Academy,Nagano Prefecture,Japan to hold the New Year Concert. He even went to Nepal,Tibet,Xinjian to collect and play folk songs. Overall,he has been performing in a lot of countries in Europe,America,and Asia. He likes to try to compose different music styles and is considered a “prodigy compose”in “Crossover Music”in the music circles. In addition,because he is good at playing the “flute”instruments of different peoples of the world,he’s got the title of “Master of Flutes.”Up to the present time,Tsai has published more than three hundred musical albums. In 1981,while in college,he published his first album,The Trilogy of the Song of Hanshi. In 1990,he published Buddha Generations,which opened up a new prospect for the music communication between Mainland China and Taiwan. His 1990 album,Chang-xiang,was recommended by Han-sheng Liu,the editor in chief of Records Bible,and various sound professionals,and this album was listed as one of the 100 must-listen records of the world. It was also the first Hi-End album in Taiwan.

    Tenor:Fa-kai Tang – A famous Chinese singer of Western opera. Born in Taipei,he gained the second place at Mozart Vocal Competition and “Elisa Meyer Stiftung”in Hamburg,Germany in 2011. In addition,he obtained Special Award in Maritin Vocal Competition of northern Germany. In 2012 and 2014,Tang received prizes in Chi-mei Arts Awards. Now teaching in Danjiang Middle School,Fuxing High School’s Music Class for the Gifted Children,Donghai University,Shijian University,Bajiaota Male Choir,Laqianren Male Choir,Fu-ren University Choir.

    Soprano:Zi-yin Lin – achieved the second place in the sopranos group at the 2004 National Music Competition.

    Baritone: Yu-meng Liao

    And many other professional singers…

    Instruments used: a variety of Western bowed stringed instruments,harp,guqin (a seven-stringed plucked instrument),Chinese bell chimes,Chinese singing bowl,big Chinese singing bowl,temple block,Erhu fiddle,Bawu,pan flute,sheng,baritone sheng,Guzheng (Chinese zither)…,

    Sound Recordist: Xiang-fen Yan

    Audio Mixer: Ozawa Motoyasu

    Mastering Engineer: Zi-qu Qi

    Recording Studio: Jiezou Recording Studio