Rectifying Fallacies of

Modern Buddhism

Rectifying Fallacies in Modern BuddhismThe true meaning of Buddhism unveiled; the fact of universe revolution disclosed.

You must wish to understand the Buddhism essence that has been passed down 2500 years ago.

Why after death a man’s soul must enter into the next body within 49 days?
How to change one’s fortune, health and fate?
What is a Buddha Proxy?

This book shall clarify your misunderstanding about Rebirth in the World of Utmost Joy after death and your incorrect knowledge of the Esoteric Sect practice.

This book shall also uncover the secret path to the Long and Unlimited Wisdom Life, and unfold the structure of Yin, Yang, and Yin-Yang Spaces.

This book shall explain the myth of Nirvana and rectify the fallacy of so-called Living Buddha.

To know the true fact of life, Rectifying Fallacies of Modern Buddhism is absolutely a precious and indispensable book to keep.