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A Brief Introduction to

QingYangHuiZhao Professional Teacher:


QingYang HuiZhao Professional Teacher was born in 1967, Tainan, Taiwan. Since childhood, she liked to think of the philosophy of human life and explore life's meaning. She started studying Buddhism in her high school years.

Later, she became a member of the Buddhism Society in school and deeply learned the Buddhism scriptures, in pursuit of the eternal refuge for her soul. For the sake of attaining the truth, she continually searched for masters in order to find the way (the truth). 

Although she hasn't had the satisfying result yet, she never changed her original intention to pursue the true meaning of life. She made up her mind inwardly to pursue the truths of the universe and life with her whole life.

In 1990, she graduated from National Taiwan Normal University. After graduation, she worked as a school teacher. In the meantime, she thought to herself: Is it real that I am going to lead my whole life this way?  

After repeated consideration, she finally decided to keep accomplishing the objective that she privately made earlier!

In 1991, therefore, she quitted her position as a teacher and entered the undergraduate program of Yuan Guan Buddhism College to continue studying Buddhism.

In 1993, she got her head shaved and became a nun with the Pravrajyā name: Shi Zheng Li

In June of 1994, she received the full ordination precepts, i.e. the Novice precepts, the Bhiksu (nun) precepts, and the Bodhisattva precepts, at Miao Tong Temple in Liu Gui District, Kaohsiung City.

In more than 20 years after renouncing her secular life, she kept visiting, searching for the Nirvana method in Buddhism. Still, she couldn't get her rooted desire for Nirvana satisfied yet.

As the saying goes, "Constant effort yields sure success."

In September 2015, she came across a book, Rectifying Fallacies of Modern Buddhism. After carefully reading the book, she felt she had discovered a precious treasure. The Nirvana Buddhism that she had pursued for the whole life was found in this book, and the desire deep in her mind was finally satisfied. Now she sets her mind on Buddha-to-Be Religion, has become a society member, and focuses on practicing the Qingyang Meditation Method. By doing this, she benefits a lot!

In 2016, with the approval of Dharma Father, she went to Canada to participate in the training. A ceremony was held in which she became an apprentice of Sakyaqingyang and formally acknowledged Sakyaqingyang as her master. Then, she became a Dharma-Body disciple.

In 2017, she further participated in the Professional Teacher training program. She passed the performance review and was successfully promoted and became a Professional Teacher of the Qingyang Meditation Method transmission.

Hui Zhao Professional Teacher is now instructing the Qingyang Meditation Method and setting up training classes. The main areas of current activities are in Taiwan and Malaysia.

Contact Number in Taiwan: (011)886-988152862